Sunday, September 23, 2012

Partying... Rainbow Style!

Yesterday we had Charlie's third birthday party. Still can't get over that he's three. Anyway. 
We had a rainbow themed party, I made the mistake of searching pinterest for rainbows and rainbow parties. I had ideas coming out my ears! I went with a few I could do in advance or wouldn't be too hard like filling a glass gar with gum balls ans tying helium balloons to it. Cute and easy!

It was a hot day and perfect sunny skies for a party and the kids made the most of it. Between the jumping castle and the food they were pretty happy for a few hours.

Oranges as jelly cups, seriously where do some people get these ideas from?!

Fruit 'rainbow'

I'm pretty sure dad was in!

The magic of icy cups, most of them sat and ate them. Amazing. We had about eight kids, both our neighbours and a few of our close friends. It was only small but it was perfect for Charlie.

My biggest boy has been feeling a bit left out this week, James had a party to go to on Friday night and Charlie's birthday has been going on for weeks so to cheer him up we took selfies and I let him take some photos on my camera. Whatever works!

Happy Birthday to my big three year old! 


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