Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Yesterday Charlie turned three. Three people. If he is anything like his big brothers this will be a good year. Three is when they get that their actions have consequences and they learn sympathy, and turn into little people rather than toddlers. Three is a good year.

Love that surprised face. We have taken that truck with us everywhere for two days now. It was a huge hit. 

Being a Monday we had to take the big boys to school so to convince him to stop playing with his toys and actually eat his breakfast I tied balloons to his chair and called it his birthday chair. He thought it was the best thing ever and I think they might have to stay there forever. 

Once we'd dropped the boys to school he wanted to go to the marina and look at the boats then go to the park for a play. I told him this slide is a big boy slide and now he's three he should go down it, so he did. There is no way I would have convinced him to do that a few months ago. 
He did it about 20 times before we left. 

After the park we headed for 'shushi' this is his new favourite lunch, fine with me I'd rather do that than take him for maccas.  

After school we had Charlie the caterpillar cake. He has been hassling me for months to get this cake with his name on it. Now we've done it hopefully I can stop hearing about it. 

Love this kid. Three! 

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