Saturday, September 22, 2012

8 Months

My gorgeous boy. Crawling has been a gift from the gods and a curse all at the one time. 
Now he can follow me around the house, but he also ends up filthy from it. I can now leave him for more than five minutes with some toys or a milk arrowroot. Seriously five minutes with both hands to get something done is amazing and I'm sure my back is thankful. 

Still no teeth, he's drooling but no sign of swollen gums so I'm thinking he might be like Jack and wait til he's one to get his teeth. Fine with me.
We sorted out his poo issues, thank heavens, he's such a happier camper now!

He has his Daddy's charm this boy, he has women stopping to talk to him in the supermarket, at school, everywhere, he puts his arms out for a cuddle but only if they are gorgeous things. Typical boy. 
Were still breast feeding and I'm so impressed with myself, he's our longest fed baby and the one who sleeps the least. He's such a different kid compared to his brothers, he's going to be the one keeping me on my toes I can see it already. 

See his 7 month photos here.


  1. I love babies at this age!

    1. Me too : ) if only I could convince him to sleep though the night I'd keep him this size forever!


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