Thursday, May 31, 2012

Unsupervised small people, and why it goes wrong.

On rare occasions during the day my darling William is happy and I will leave him to play on his play mat while I get some washing on, or change sheets, sometimes I even go to the toilet all by myself! It's rare but it does happen.
When I return sometimes he is still happy, sometimes there is a big brother talking to him or showing him something and then there are the days that I return to a screaming baby. 
When this happens conversations like this happen.

Me: Why is William crying?
James: I accidentally stepped on his face, but I said sorry! 

Me: What happened to Bubba Will?
Charlie: Uh naughty Charlie uh-oh Bubba Will, bang!

That's why the youngest child is spoilt, they get a hard time for such a long time before they learnt to fight back. Heaven help me when he learns to fight back. 


  1. I know that conversation a little too well at the moment! I wish you luck when the day comes Bubba Will starts handing out pay back :)

    1. Thank you I will take the luck I know I'm going to need it!

  2. Boy on boy smack down. That's your future. I'd bet my house on it. ;)

    1. I already send them outside I'm going to have to buy boxing gloves I think!


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