Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Walk the Walk

On Friday I went back to bed at 7am after feeding the baby, making breakfasts and school lunches, and left Michael in charge of getting the kids to school and I slept til 9am (9am people! Amazing!) So by the time we picked up the boys from school I was ready to get out of the house, so off to the beach we went. 
Now to drive to the beach takes us 2 minutes, and the little hills don't seem so big. But standing at the bottom of them it is totally different. 

Jackster rode his bike and he did pretty well, not long after this he started walking, it was a steep hill. 

Charlie loves his 'tootah' but doesn't ride it, it's far more fun to push it and walk along beside it. 

Hi Jack!

William not impressed he was in the pram instead of on me. Sorry Will!

Michael tried to convince Charlie to let him hold Charlies 'tootah' up the hill. I could hear him from here, 'no I ride my tootah!' I've no idea why he is so stubborn, it definatly didn't come from me.  (Ha!..)

It was cold and looked like rain but it was totally worth it. 


  1. Love this. Especially the little bit about the 'Tooter.

  2. So much love for the 'tooter' even though he will be too big for it by the time he actually wants to ride it : )


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