Monday, May 28, 2012

School Lunch Love

When Jack started school I had a four month old baby Charlie and I was fairly time poor. I sent him to school with bought snacks, some fruit and a sandwich. It got expensive and boring real quick so I started making slices and cakes for school lunches. Awesome right? 
James is only in his second term of prep so he's still happy with the funky shaped sandwiches and a cupcake, but my Jack Jack is a different story. He is a machine when it comes to food and for a while he was scoffing everything, but now he's over it and everything I make comes home without much love given to it. 
So I'm cracking out a few new recipes to try to entice my big boy back to yummy home made snacks. 

Banana and rolled oat muffins

Pizza scrolls

They look pretty good and nothing to exciting just Pizza Scrolls and a yummy Banana Rolled Out Muffin

Do your kids like home made snacks? Whats a favourite lunch recipe in your house? Help me out here!


  1. My oldest is only in Kindy and pretty fussy so I don't have many suggestions but one thing he loves is apple pikelets (which don't actually taste like apple at all) with a scrape of strawberry jam on them. They are quite healthy too - No sugar. (Wholemeal/white self raising flour, egg, milk and apples - I use baby pureed apples as they have no added sugar)

    Super easy and yummy!!

    1. Thats it! I've been making apple pancakes for the boys and have tried slices apple grated apple and stewed apple, but none of it was quite right. Puree apple! Awesome idea, thank you!


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