Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Outfit Help

Its no secret I've been a bit of shopping maniac lately. Maniac is probably putting it lightly.
I've bought a few shirts that are breast feeding friendly but I'm just not one hundred percent sure I love how they look. Since I've had all my hair chopped off I feel the need to dress a little more funky and a little more girly. I never knew how much I would miss my girly hair even when it was just a mop on top of my head.
Anyway now I have this shirt and I don't know. Belt or no belt? And is it too short to wear with leggins?
Tell me what you think.

Option one: No belt. 

Option Two: Belted.

Now I guess the real question is, does it really matter what I'm wearing apart from this baby? I don't think anyone is paying any attention to what I'm wearing underneath. If you saw this lady walking would you see the baby or would you be thinking 'geez she should really wear a belt with that shirt' No? I didn't think so either. 

Rocking the baby Bjorn 

Rocking the Baba sling. 

Sad faced bubba Will was not impressed I was putting him down and putting him in both carriers but we weren't going anywhere. One day in the near future he'll be too big and heavy for me to carry him and he'll be happy to hang out in the pram with his big brother and I'll be able to wear necklaces again and wear my clothes properly but I guess until then I'll be wearing him instead of my favourite belt. 


  1. No belt, rock the sheer lightness of the shirt and if you cant see your crotch you can wear leggings. Might I add your skin is positively glowing xx

  2. Thanks hun! No crotch=leggings I'll remember that one.
    I've become hooked on Say yes to carrots face scrub, and of course I'm wearing my BB cream : )

  3. You look great Kate!! Can I offer a tiny bit of constructive baby-wearing advice?? When you've got Will in the Baba sling, you want him to be sitting in a deep pouch with his knees higher than his bottom and fabric supporting him from knee to knee. This is much safer, and also comfier for him :) And with a different carrier, he won't be too heavy to carry for a long time!! Okay, I'll shut up now, and just say how gorgeous you and bub look, and I agree a baby is THE best accessory :)

    1. Thanks Karlie! I always like any tips! I don't usually wear him like this, I usually have his feet in just popped him in for the photo but I will keep that in mind, it didn't feel very comfy or safe for either of us! I'm not game enough to wrap him but they do look much more comfortable, I think after 4 babies my back is just not what it used to be!

  4. Either way! Belted or without both look great!

    And definitely leggings if you're bum and crotch are covered :)

    1. I love this new rule I've discovered. I always thought it was if its too short to wear as a dress then its too short for leggings. But I like the bum and crotch rule much better : ) I'll be pulling out a few more long shirts now. Thanks so much!

  5. You're so beautiful. Belt. Always. And leggings as pants are making a comeback. I'm since of having to wear proper pants. I'm done. :P But seriously, Dani's dead on. The crotch is the out point. ;)


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