Saturday, May 12, 2012

My husband bought me a robot

Yesterday morning when I took the kids to school I had this baby going.

The closest thing I'm going to get to having my very own maid. Yep this bad boy is a robotic vacuum . For those of you who have seen the state of my floors or met my children you will know this is a little piece of heaven in a box.
This bad boy vacuums in places even I don't, and after 25 minutes it finds its recharging dock so it can charge up and start all over again and tells you when there is a problem like when it ran over a baby sock it told me to clean the brushing arm, how awesome is that?! I had it clean under the boys beds when we left the house and I had the washing machine on, the dishwasher on, the dryer on and the slow cooker on.
Now my life should be easier and my house spotless right?

I said should not will. 

If you'd like to read a proper post that doesn't involve my amazing domestic goddess abilities I'm a guest over here today. 


  1. love it - you deserve it, super mumma !!! x

  2. Win! Luke has been wanting one of these for ages! Once you've had it for a month or two I'd love to see if you're still loving it- cause then I might just say yes to Luke!


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