Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Bunny

Today is the first day of the holidays, far out what a long drawn out term this has been!
I always knew James would be our difficult kid when it came to school, I shouldn't say difficult, a challenge. Jack's teachers always say he's a pleasure to teach and if they had a class full of kids like him it would make there jobs easy (I know its vomit worthy right?) but James dances to his own song and its vastly different.

On Thursday his teacher told me James had been very worried about things and had cried a lot in class, and when his teacher asked him what was wrong he said he was sad because his mummy didn't have enough time for him. When his teacher told me this my heart sank and it took all my strength not to burst into tears in the middle of the classroom. Then she explained a bit more, there letter for the day was L, James knew an L word. Lagoon.  James wanted to go to our little water park called the blue water lagoon, but instead of asking me if we could go on a weekend or during the day he asked me at 5.30pm. On a school day. When it was raining. My answer? We don't have time to go today. His interpretation to his teacher - very different!
So yesterday I was feeling a big dose of mother guilt I picked him up from school and told him we were going out, just the two of us, we were going for ice creams at maccas. Now your thinking he's overjoyed by spending time with his mummy who doesn't have time for him aren't you? Well your wrong. He looked at me and said "Can we just go home I wanna play with my DS"

Not only does he have his teachers wrapped around his little finger but it appears he has me wrapped even tighter.


  1. thats my boy - subtle 2nd child - no syndrome, but lotsa manipulation - he reminds me so much of, me... xxx

  2. He's going to be trouble forever then isn't he?! : )

  3. Tricky little dude that one. Haha. Chin up Mumma. Plenty more days for the water park. Maybe when Aunty Suger comes for a visit. ;)


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