Friday, March 16, 2012

2 Months

2 Months old and you've changed our lives forever. I'm trying to take lots of photos and write things down because the days go by in such a rush I know these baby days are going to go far too quick and before I know it I'll be complaining you've turned into a toddler. Please don't be a crazy independent toddler like your brother? Let me put your shoes on at least once a week, ok?
Your not sleeping, ever. And I admit it it's killing me, not so softly. I spend 23 hours a day with you attached to my boobs or wearing you. Lucky I love ya kid because I wouldn't do this for just anyone!
2 Months and this is how much you've changed:

Want to see how much he's changed? See his 1 Month photos. 


  1. He is looking so beautiful, and so different. You're doing a good job mumma!!

    1. He looks so much like Michael's Mums side of the family, where as Charlie J looks like Michael's Dads side of the family, I really didn't get a look in!


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