Sunday, April 1, 2012

April fools

Happy April fools day!
Last year I tricked my boys with some afternoon tea this year I thought it was time I stepped it up a notch. So after checking out this website I wanted to make everything!

This is what I served up today. Eggs on toasted home made bread and juice, right?
Wrong! This is cake 'toast' with white chocolate 'eggs' with yellow M&M 'yolks' and jelly 'juice'. 

I love how Jack is poking his egg, it was cold straight from the fridge, not exactly what you expect from your eggs.

Charlie is too little to get it so he was trying to figure out what was wrong with his straw, sorry kid!

What the hell is this? I was cracking up all morning, I was never into April fools tricks as  kid but now I have my own kids its great to be able to do these things with them. I hope they remember this sort of thing when they are all grown up. 

Luckily they didn't throw any tantrums and were pretty happy with their funny breakfast. Although none of them finished everything on their plates and asked for some yogurt instead. Poor kids aren't used to so much sugar, especially all at one time.

After breakfast we headed off the beach for a few hours so they could wear off some of the sugar. Seriously the best April fools day ever. 


  1. Building childhood memories - I love it Kate!!!

    1. Thanks hun, now to figure out what to do next year!

  2. Heehee. SO great. And I love the pics of the boys. They're like WTF Mum!?

    1. They really were! so much fun, I dont know why I didnt start doing this years ago!


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