Saturday, June 26, 2010

Were going on a bear hunt

On Monday Michael and I took the little boys to our favorite local spot, the national park about 40kms from our little town.
We decided to try a walking track we hadn't been down before, not a great idea when you have a skirt and cowboy boots on, did I think of that? No not really!

The track ended up being 2kms down to a waterfall and then 2 very long kms back to the top.

James was such a trooper he started to get tired and wanted to be picked up about 100 meters from the car, I said were almost there so he just walked on! Crazy kid, I would have gotten someone to carry me if I could!

So James decided early on that he was a bear looking for a cave, Daddy was an elephant, Mummy was a giraffe and Charlie was a koala. He spent the entire trip looking for caves to sleep in and found quite a few that looked like they would be great for sleeping in for 5 months of the year(Michael started explaining hibernation to a 3yr old obviously)

Although this was defiantly the best. I may or may not have encouraged him to go off the track so I could take a picture of him being a bear.

I may or may not have encouraged Michael to go with him also.

See why Charlie is a koala?

Michael was kind enough to take Charlie on the way back up, he is a heavy kid and I do not have the back to be carrying him around anymore!

All in all was a good way to spend a day, and I had two sleeping kids all the way home.


  1. Looks like a great day!! I love the whole 'encouragement' thing...what we will do for that photo :)

  2. I know I hate having to make them do things for a photo but if I didn't I'd be stuck with hundreads of photos of the side of their heads : )


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