Thursday, June 24, 2010

Polly Dolly

Is it just me or does playing Polly dolly with Dani make you want to shop? I have this desire to buy so much stuff on a Thursday! Lucky Thursday is pay day!

So this week is rainy days.

I love a rainy day but after a few days with no sunshine everyone gets cranky and sad so what better to cheer you up than a fun outfit matched with big jewellery and awesome rain gear. The only grown up woman shoes that can look like shoes for little girls and get away with it!

I chose a pretty simple outfit 3/4 length jeans and a plain coloured top, no jacket as it doesn't really get cold here when it rains. Beautiful headband to make any wet hair look good and some gorgeous bracelets that I want want want! Lips are the only make up I wear daily, I occasionally take time to put face powder, rouge and mascara on, but not on a rainy day. The gumboots are so cute and not 100% pink believe it or not! Love that umbrella, I had to stop myself from buying ridiculous gumboots and umbrellas for the boys while I was polyvoring!

Head over to Dani's to play along or check out everyone's rainy day creations.


  1. i want that bejeweled bracelet!

  2. I know me too! Pity about the $$!

  3. Oh I want that bracelet too and the boots!


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