Sunday, June 13, 2010

Polly Dolly

What would you were on a tropical holiday?

Our polly dolly theme from Danimezza this week is right up my ally. I've been plannng Michael's 30th and have started thinking about my own (still a few years away yet) and a holiday to a tropical island with just my hubby for a few days seems to keep popping back to the top of the list. We only had one holiday together before becoming parents and that was when we got engaged, in November that would be six years ago!

Cocktails by the pool, or in the pool, swimming, snorkelling, day spa-ing, afternoon naps, reading grown up books without interuption, staying out all night dancing, sleeping in, eating out at restaurants for as long as we like, drinking far too much champagne. Sigh. Four years and counting, come on 30!

I plan to be much thinner by the time I'm 30 so cute little white shorts wont look horrendous on me. Funky thongs that would be ok on the beach or strolling through the shops. Big hat and sunnies so we can pretend to be celebrities in disguise. Love love love this gorgeous top and a starry beach bag to be filled with my own things, no nappies wipes snacks or bottles, Ipod so I can listen to my grown up music with no wiggles songs interupting me. Loads of books that I might get a chance to read and finish before the holiday ends. Cocktails, lots and lots of cocktails. The bigger and more fun looking the better.
Thanks Danielle that was a nice disruption to my boring day!

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