Thursday, June 17, 2010

Polly Dolly

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Anthro Tea Party

After 12 weeks of Dani's polly dolly challenge I have never finished any in one sitting, today included! 

So this week's theme is tea party.

I love the idea of having a high tea, with beautiful china, dainty snacks, elegant outfits, talking about glamorous things, not babies or vomit or washing.

I chose a pretty cardigan, pink of course, my idea of a beautiful tea party would be lots of pink frills and fluff.
Gorgeous high waisted skirt.
Love those shoes! They are even called tea party.
Funky tea party necklace and pearl studs.
Cumfy cushions to sit on one is even called fluff how perfect!


  1. I adore the pink colours! I'm with you on the glam tea party. It's so nice to dress up even if it's for tea.

  2. I'm seriously considering buy those pink pillows! Even just to have tea before bed!


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