Monday, February 1, 2010

The life of the youngest child

My poor Charlie Bear suffers being the youngest.
My life can't revolve around his nap times as much as I would like it too. Sometimes we just have to leave the house half way through his nap or just before he's due for a nap.
So I have all these pics of the poor thing napping as well as he can in the pram.

Face completely smooshed into the pram,I moved him after I took this pic.

Such a little cutie pie.


  1. Poor Autumns the same. But we are always home for her afternoon sleep because Willow still has to have one and gets VERY cranky without it. Charlie is just too cute

  2. Im having the same problem! I had my morning alone with just Elyssa today and it was so nice but sad too because it made me realise how much I miss seeing her develop when I am busy with her sister. We went for a walk and she had a full uninterupted sleep in the pram, then a play on the floor where I got down with her to help her learn to roll and she got it almost right away. Made me feel bad that I hadn't given her that time sooner...


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