Monday, February 15, 2010

Chardie and Sames

My two beautiful little boys, can't half tell they're brothers hey?

Trying to take a photo of Charlie but James decided he needed to be in it. Not his mothers son at all!

Charlie looking very hard core, fast asleep on the way to playgroup.

Always the way, I fight with him to go to sleep, once I give up he falls asleep on the floor where I have put him for 5 seconds whie I get up to get the phone. yes thats all it takes.

No its not blood, its strawberry and blackberry juice, I gave him some frozen berries in his mesh bag and didn't think of the colour of the juice that was going to come out of it. Never again!

Yes whether he likes it or not he will be Daddy's littlest Rooster fan. Sigh. Hopefully one of them will take after mumma and like Union instead of thug football.

Poor Charlie getting squished by James. He needs to be in every photo don't you know!

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