Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm such a sucker

Yes I did it, just what we need more proffesional photos that will pile up in boxes, we still have a huge print from when Jack was 2 weeks old that we havent had framed yet. I cant say no!
This time though we didn't get the whole lot (over $1500) I told myself I would get 3. 1 of James, 1 of Charlie and 1 of the both of them together. Well I ended up with 8, I know I suck. I will try very hard to post these one's to family and I am going to put these one's (and the last one's) on the walls!

  Just 1 to show you how cute they are. : )
I will try to post over the weekend, I have too many funny photo's and posts in my head I need to let them out!

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