Monday, February 22, 2010

I can't believe it!

James a few minutes old.

I can not believe your 3.

It seems like yesterday you were in my belly and we were waiting so impatiently for your arrival.

You were born at 2.17pm after 7 hours labour, no epidural just gas at a whopping 9lbs 12oz's, and 54cms long, your beautiful little face was purple because you ended up quite bruised on the way out, but you were still gorgeous.

4 months old.

You've come along way since then, you can walk and talk and talk and talk, you go to the toilet by yourself (most of the time) you can tell me what colours are and count to 10, you sing along to everything, you know exactly how to push mummy and daddys buttons to make us mad, and yes just like your daddy sometimes you do it just to make me mad.
You were mummy and daddys first baby together, and it still amazes me everyday how much you are like both of us. You have your Mummy's eyes and your Daddy's body shape, you have your Mummy's stubborn streak and your Daddy's cheeky streak.
You can be the sweetest boy in the world you love your brothers so very much and you were the first person Charlie smiled at because you were the one who would instantly go to him the second he made any noise. Then there are times you bite or hit Jack when your not getting your own way,sigh, the joys of being 3.

The damned dummy.

Next year you will be off to kindergarten which makes this our last year together, we have loads of us time now Jack's at school and Charlie has learnt to sleep better during the day. Your attention span isnt great so we do lots of little things together.

Your favorite time of the day is 5.30am, you are the worst sleeper out of the 3 of you. You are the last to go to bed and the first to wake up, thanks for that.

One day your body will be as big as your personality, but you will always be a shorty just like your Dad.

You loved the snow in our backyard but you were so cold.

Your Aunty Isha wants to steal you away because your her favorite, everytime I tell her how naughty/cheeky you've been she always offers to take you off my hands. She's dreaming.

You were a difficult baby and a difficult toddler, and I think it is you who we are going to have trouble with once you start school, not that your overly naughty evil, you just know what you want and when you want it.

I love you so much and I hope 3 is a good year for you, my darling darling James.

Not the sad face baby!

Nice pearls pity about the face!

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