Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pond Scum~The new Detox?

Green pond sludge drunk with a curly straw has to make it more interesting and tasty right?

I have over indulged this silly season, worse than ever before I'm sure. Sunday was my first alcohol free day since before Christmas, Christmas!
Along with the booze I've had a ridiculous amount of take out, party food, crazy dinners, big breakfasts and crap.
My waist line is suffering, my face is breaking out and I had to break the habit with something a little drastic, so this morning I had a strawberry chiobani yogurt and a green smoothie with added spirulina, I don't even know what that means but its obviously something good right?

What do you do to kick the binging habit? Liquid diet for a few days? Detox? Please tell me I need it!


  1. Ugh, I hear you. Throw an interstate move in there just before Christmas, and we've been existing purely on takeout and coffee. My tummy that was finally, FINALLY flat last year now rivals that of a six month pregnant woman. Sigh.

    It's so hard to start saying no to all that bad stuff, once you've been indulging for so long. Baby steps!

    1. Arse! You were looking so good too! New city, you'll get there eventually, having the big man home wouldn't be helping either I bet. Romantic desserts and finding new fun places to eat.
      I did ok until a hot cross bun for afternoon tea. We'll get there!


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