Saturday, February 9, 2013

20 in 2013!

Last year was a crazy whirlwind, much more than I was expecting it to be. William kept me on my toes way more than I thought he would and like every year my list was a bit of a hit and miss.

Last year my list was like this:

1. Get through every day with four kids without ripping all my hair out and/or killing someone.
2. Find time in the week for me. 
3. Go to the beauticians/hairdressers more regularly.
4. Take the boys to their first football game. 
5. Go for walks with my two smallest people.
6. Visit some family off both sides.
7. Spend Christmas with those that we love, somewhere pretty.
8. Laugh more.
9. Stop and take time to play silly buggers with my boys
10. Go on dates with my hubby.
11. Say yes to things without worrying or stressing.
12. Stop second guessing myself, and just do it.
13. Go away for a kick ass family holiday.

So I did terribly. But it's nice to have something to work towards right?
I made it to the beauticians once, ditto with the hairdresser. We saw family but we didn't really do much traveling to see them. Lucky there's a new year hey?

So my list for this year may be a little more realistic, I know we've got a lot on this year already, pretty much every school holiday has been planned already, including Christmas and early 2014. 

1. Take the boys to their first football game (we already have tickets for May, is that cheating?)
2. Get a cleaner.
3. Save for a house (this better not be on my list next year.
4. Make the most of my Charlie bear before he starts Kindy next year. 
5. Go on dates with my big boys, often. 
6. Take Will to do fun baby things on our days just the two of us.
7. Buy a new dining table, and maybe a new couch.
8. Get some new winter boots (very important in my world.
9. Spend less time online and more time in the real world with my gorgeous boys and my beautiful girlfriends.
10. Blog more.
11. Take more photos of everyday stuff. 
12. Get some nice photos of all of us together.
13. Make new exciting dinners and don't get upset when the kids won't eat it.
14. Don't feel guilty about buying new knickers/bras/shoes for myself. 
15. Try to be less truthful with Michael, sometimes a little sugar coating is needed. 
16. Throw some kick ass birthday parties for the whole family. Life is more fun when you can celebrate with friends right?
17. Try to keep my car clean (ish).
18. Go to see proper grown up movies.
19. Be more organised, maybe then I would have posted this around the new year instead of February. 
20. Try to get the above 19 crossed off before 2014! 

Right what do you think of my list? Maybe not so realistic but hey it's nice to dream, what's on your list for this year? 


  1. Awesome list. I love every bit of it. Good luck with the car. I've given up. It never seems to stay clean- with four people and a dog climbing in and out of it, and only one person who actually cares, I think I'm fighting a loosing battle.

    1. Oh man your telling me! Michael's car is being fixed at the moment so six peoples shoes, hats, drink bottles, towels etc etc. Its never ending. Luckily my boys are a bit older than yours, once every couple of weeks I send them out to empty it and then they fight over who gets to use the dust buster. You'll learn this fun game in a few years : )

  2. I love your lists, but this post terrifies me. I'm about to embark on motherhood. Our c section is scheduled for Monday - due to high blood pressure. Baby is full term though, at least, Monday being 37 weeks and 4 days. I know life will change. I'm 43 and my husband is 51. This was a total surprise to us, not planned, and wow... life will change. My husband is great with kids and I know he's going to be a great daddy. I'm just scared about being a mom :)


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