Monday, April 15, 2013

Road Trip!

A few weeks ago we packed up the kids and basically all our possessions and headed off to my hometown, a short 20 hour drive away for a gorgeous friends wedding and a long overdue catch up with everyone, before we made it back home we went via Suger's 30th and a few days with the boys Granny and Grandad. We were gone a total of 12 days but we packed a whole bunch in!
Starting here......

This boy, 3 is such a full on age. equally adorable and devilish.

We took the boys around the track in my tarago, yep kicking it at a full 60kms an hour!

My girlfriends from home, apart from the bride and the maid of honour, we of course didn't get a photo of all of us together. Hopeless. Also when will I find a friend that is taller than me? I am always the tall one!

My wedding favour, those jelly beans are jelly belly, and freaking delish!

On the way back north we went via Wisemans ferry, the biggest kid loves going across the car ferry. It's a gorgeous part of the world that's for sure. 

I seriously love these photo props, hilarious! 
In case you love them as much as me we were here 

The boys checking out the old school, it was tiny and would have been so freaking cold in the winter, you know I gave the boys a talk about how lucky they are. Yep I've turned into an old person. 

We took the two big boys here when James was one, it was nice to bring them here as older kids and explain things to them, they are such a good age where everything is exciting and interesting, without jaded eyes. 

Yep that's my kid rocking out driving the carriage. 

Steam train!

What else do you do on holiday? You play with animals that could kill you! That's my Charlie holding a crocodile. 

You see that face? Loved it, won't go near a dog but will play with scary things. 

For such a busy trip I'm glad we managed to fit in a few fun things for the boys, there was a lot of car trips a lot of boring mum and dad things but enough fun stuff to keep them going. 

Just before we left to make it the rest of the trip home we ditched the kids with their Grandparents for the night and went and partied with a heap of bloggers and hang out with Suger for her neon birthday bash. Was so nice to see her after almost two years and meet some gorgeous ladies, we laughed so hard and took some hilarious photos before this pregnant lady drove a few party goers to the pub and danced my feet to sleep!

That was our trip, 5001.8kms. When we walked in the front door I almost didn't recognise our house, we'd seen so much in such a short time.
Thankfully we had two weeks of school holidays to get over it. Next time we go home we'll have an extra babe!

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