Monday, July 23, 2012

Mum Sit

My snow man, including scarf. I think he's pretty snazzy! 

This morning William fell asleep on the way home from school which is pretty usual for him and usually when he sleeps Charlie does some activities while I'm doing housework close by so I can help out with puzzle piece dramas or peeling stickers and make sure he's not drawing with texta on the walls. This morning Charlie's request was play dough and 'mum sit' 
We have a house inspection on Thursday so I really have a lot of other things to do on top of my usual everyday housework but who can say no to 'mum sit' so I sat and for almost an hour we made things, laughed at each other and generally had a really good time. 

Charlie made me 'nunch' he told me 'it's bake-a-beans'

William actually slept for 2.5 hours. Amazing! We managed to play with play dough then do a few puzzles together before he'd had enough of me and went outside leaving me to clean walls and fans.

I made a boat and got a bit creative. 

'Prise mum!' 

Considering he got shoved out of the baby spot in the family then lost his play mate to school a few weeks later he's done pretty well this year. We fight every day. Without fail one of us cracks it but I know there's only a short time when your kids are home before they go to school and you aren't the center of their world anymore so I'll soak up the 'mum sit' while I can.


  1. Naaaaaw, I love this. I'm glad you took the time. He's such a sweetie pie. xo

    1. Thanks lovely. So easy to get caught up in the everyday and not stop. Remember that for the future, when there's mini sugers xx


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