Friday, July 20, 2012

Feet woes

This is what I did this morning while Will was sleeping and Charlie was engrossed in playschool. 
Honey on toast and a nice coffee and my blog. I had a million other things to get done while I could but I needed some time off the roller coaster.

This morning I went to school like this. I almost always have 8 million shoes in my car and today I just slipped two on my feet and jumped out of the car.
The worst part was I didn't even notice until another mum mentioned it. James' teacher patted my arm and said it's a sign of a busy mother and she did it once. I felt a little better but still very silly.
I'm still waiting for life to settle down a little after becoming a family of six and it's not happening. I've ordered a cleaner and Charlie is starting daycare one day a week soon. Hopefully then I'll be able to breathe again, until then I'll have to remember to look at my feet before I get out of the car.

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  1. Ha ha ha!!!!! Good thing you had that sit-down, hope things improve with that cleaner and daycare day xo I stil thing you're awesome.


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