Friday, July 6, 2012


I love these boys. I love them lots. I spend 24 hours a day doing things for them/with them usually without much complaining. William is six months old next week and I've spent no more than about five hours away from him in half an hour blocks. This week I needed some time out. This afternoon Michael is off on a fishing trip for a few nights and when he gets home he's dropping off his stuff and heading straight back to work and I knew if I didn't escape then I would be at home with my small people for another eight days alone and I knew I'd be rocking in the corner by the time Michael got home.

So yesterday afternoon I went off to the cinemas and saw Ted. A funny movie that didn't involve me having to think much it was a god movie to switch off for a while. I went all by myself, and I even had a hot coffee while I was there. I felt a little bit silly when I first walked in but by the time the movie was over I felt braver. I'd never been to the movies by myself and the last time I went to see an adult movie (not that sort of adult!) with an adult I had two kids that were both in nappies (those kids are now both at school).

Michael held down the fort pretty well while I was gone and when I got home the boys were bathed and dressed, the baby had been fed and dinner was cooked.

So now that I know Michael can do it with flying colours I've started planning more mini escapes.

Do you ever escape for an hour or two?


  1. I escape all the time. It's much simpler for me. But worth it just the same.


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