Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How Stay at Home Mums Get Fat/Stay Fat*

I've never been thin. After William was born I had lost quite a few kilos. Six months later I've started putting it all back on. Bum. So to try to figure out where I was going wrong I started keeping a food diary and here are some things I discovered.

Being happy with yourself thinking you've had a good day food wise then realising you've fed the children well and all you've had is 3 1/2 coffees, an apple slice and some one's left over toast while you stacked the dishwasher.

Eating a kilo of yogurt for lunch because it's easier to eat while your feeding the baby than making yourself a salad, and once you've started eating the baby falls asleep and your not game to move and by the time you make it back to the fridge the yogurt would be bad, so not to waste it you must finish it right?

Frozen Dinners. No explanation needed.

Having a family block of chocolate at 10pm because it's the only time all day you've had to yourself and you've eaten next to nothing all day and now your starving.

Uninterrupted sleep causing you to eat to keep yourself awake because you haven't slept for more than 3 hours in a row for so long you can't remember.

Play dates  and needing to eat the delicious treats your host made so not to appear rude.

Kids birthday parties and being stuck with your kids half eaten piece of cake and not wanting to throw it out you have to finish it right? (This gets worse with the more children you have).

Now with all this information it's amazing I've manged to stay as slim as I am really.

*Obviously not all stay at home mums, but maybe not just me am I right?


  1. I totally agree... Especially about feeding the kids/hubby great nutritious food and me eating crap! The number of times breakfast is peanut butter crusts and strawberry ends then the 8pm kids are in bed I deserve a bowl of ice cream or two or three. Or the ever classy scoffing potato chips as you drive the car - Lunch. We are terrible we expect do much of our bodies, no sleep, breast feeding, cleaning etc. and we don't look after it!

    1. Yep I really need to do something about it. I need to put myself further up on the priority list!

  2. Completely understandable.


    You need to be nicer to yourself. It's not fair to ask so much of yourself on so little of nutritional value. Make the change now. Before I come up there and make it FOR YOU. :P

    {That was tough love, Suger style}

    1. Yes Suger! Although I wouldn't mind if you were coming for a visit!

  3. Not so much a "stay at home mum" thing as a "My Baby keeps me awak all the time" thing. Bags of M&Ms and pepsi Max/ diet coke. I went shopping when my baby was about a month old, a trolley full of chocolate and diet cola drinks. I lost weight in my first pregnancy, didn;t gain any second time round, but gained a bucket load of weight before my second was 3 months old.

    Today I saw a mum with a tiny newborn, eatng a chocolate bar and drinking diet coke. I was standing next to her. "Baby not sleeping well at night, he looks young hopefully it doesnt last long" The lady looked at me "how can you tell?" "I recongise the energy boost diet" She laughed.

    1. Hahaha I'll remember that next time I'm shopping! I"m trying to eat good foods to make good milk, lots of water etc but I just seem to be eating a lot of it!


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