Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekend Love

Inspired by Beth from Baby Mac who always makes me jealous by her weekend visits from family and the gorgeous house she preps before they arrive. This weekend is our turn!
My gorgeous sister and I seem to moving further and further away from each other, I thought Mackay to Sydney was far enough but this January her and her man buggered off back to Melbourne. Luckily they love us enough to fly up for Easter because we haven't seen them since last Easter and we've added an extra kid to the mix since then!

Unlike Beth these flowers are not from my garden they were $12 love from Coles.

Fridge full of food but no booze because who would let the breast feeding lady pick the booze? I'll leave it to those who will be drinking it! 

So bring on a few days of family fun, hangover breakfasts, too many chocolates, a trip or two to the beach  and lots of laughs and love. Bring. It. On. 

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