Sunday, April 8, 2012

Birthday Boy!

And just like that, I'm mother to a seven year old. Thursday was Jack's birthday, right in the middle of the school holidays so party wont be until school goes back. Sorry about that kid.  

Birthday boy opening his pressies.

Just a few things to open in the morning. he looked a bit upset after opening clothes and little things, he didn't know the fun that was to come later. 

Seven with his first watch. He's been telling us every 2 minutes what the time is, not always correctly. 

I sent Dad out to do something and he brought home part one of the birthday surprise. A new bike. He keeps asking if he can ride his BMX, not his bike. Its far to cool to be called a bike. Silly mum. 

As part of his birthday present last year he got his very own room and his new bed, but we hadn't gotten much further than that, and it was very boring and empty in there, apart from the puzzle on the floor. So when Dad  brought home the BMX I 'suggested' he go to the BMX track to give it a go. Bring on stage two of the surprise. 

Ta-Da! Finally a chair for his desk, a new bedspread, a cute guitar pillow, a bean bag and tiny little rug which fits perfectly. Looks a bit more like a bedroom less like a temporary dump for your stuff. 

And the best bit-his very own gate to provide hours of privacy, and also means he cant blame his little brothers for the mess in his room. 

A quick knocked up cake the night before, proper cake will be for his party. 

After cake we headed off for a few hours at the water park, favourite dinner and a date at the movies with his mumma and James to see The Lorax. Not a bad way to spend your 7tth birthday!

Happy Birthday to my big boy, love you to the moon and back.


  1. Wow, seven! Happy Birthday. I totally get the pain of birthday's in school holidays- mine was always in the middle of Christmas holidays.

    Looks like such a great day.

    1. Its almost like having a whole birthday month this way though! Was a really fun day. Spoilt boy.

  2. So great, happy 7th Jack! Love the makeover and the cake. Last minute looks awesome on you. ;)

    1. Love a last minute smartie cake! His amazing Aunty made him a kick ass cake yesterday, such a spoilt kid!


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