Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Michael and I are like chalk and cheese in most things but occasionally we are in the same boat and that makes life ridiculously easier. 
When I was a kid Anzac day was a big deal, same for Michael. We were both raised by single mothers with our Grandad's as big influences in our lives. Grandad's who both served in WWII and in their own ways taught Michael and I the importance of remembering and being grateful.
As our boys get older were teaching them more about the big wide world and after both of us telling the boys some of our Grandad's stories something hit me. I can't imagine being married to someone who wasn't as passionate about Anzac day as I was. I couldn't imagine teaching the boys by myself about something so important. I would never have put Anzac day on my list of deal breakers, but there you go it is. 


  1. Same. It's funny the things that occur to you as you go through life. Most things I can overlook or pass by, no problem. Anzac day, no way. Game over.

  2. Its a strange one isn't it? Lucky were all on the same page!


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