Sunday, September 6, 2009

Where are you baby?! Its Fathers day!

Well its Fathers day and here I am, still waiting for little Charlie to grace us with his presence!
I'm not shocked or surprised but I am getting very sick of myself, so is Michael. He told me he cant wait to have this baby so he can have his wife back, and I completely understand! It's all ok though because my mumma gets here today! Yay!
Michael's off work, everything is washed, dryed and put away apart from the car seat cover which is in the washing machine right now. James has his 'baby' a gift he'll get from Charlie when we get home, Jack is getting a new service centre with a car wash and ramps for your cars. Its very cool and I think it will keep both he and James amused for at least 5 minutes!
Michael didn't really get any special treatment for fathers day no gift, no breakfast in bed, I feel bad if I make him anything naughty because hes doing so well with Jenny Craig, but he is getting a new baby on Wednesday so I think that's gift in it self!
I told him he could do whatever he wanted to today and I wouldn't complain or whine, so he's off on a motorbike ride with his fishing rod for some quiet time to himself. I think its just what he needs.
I managed to get a quick photo of the three of them this morning before he rode away, can you tell Michael dressed them this morning? I didn't say a thing, little bogans with there singlets on ; )
James is still sick and so unimpressed with everything at the moment, usually he is jumping to have his photo taken : ( poor little duck, he isn't even sleeping well during the night. Most mornings Michael asks me what time did the noisy one (if he's not talking he's making sound of some sort, usually race cars or trains or something, he's so very loud all the time!) get in bed with us? I don't mind him coming in when he is sick, there's nothing like a mumma cuddle when you feel like hell. As long as hes better before Charlie gets here or our bed is going to get very squishy I think!
Hopefully my next post will be with a picture of our newest and final baby, I am so glad to be pregnant and having another baby but I'm also very glad that this will be the last time I will be in this much pain and discomfort.


  1. Totally worth it and you've got 2 gorgeous boys already to prove it. Michael's fathers day sounds lovely, last day he'll have to himself in quite awhile I imagine. Sorry to hear you're still sick, I must have caught the bug off you cos I'm death warmed up. Love the bump pix

  2. I'm not sick anymore so I must have given it to you! Sorry about that! Once you stop breastfeeding you will have your immune system back and you wont get sick so easily!
    yep I agree it will probably be the last quiet time he'll have for a while.


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