Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Week on Instagram

So this was a busy week compared to last week by the looks of things!
Last Sunday I threw the boys teddies a party. I answered the door wearing my Fiona ears, as you do.  Michael and I have been engaged for eight years. Eight years! Jack gave me a foot rub and brushed my hair. Bless him.
Charlie threw many many epic tantrums. Epic. My eating better plan resulted in me eating cereal that tasted like cardboard covered in banana, and then today my biggest boy and I had a date lunch, movie and shopping, four whole hours just the two of us. Before I put him to bed he thanked me for a nice day. Love that kid. So that's my week, I'm tired just looking at it and its only getting busier the closer its getting to Christmas.

Playing along with the fabulous Tina


  1. Looks like a great week. love the Fiona ears :) Thanks for linking up x

  2. You really are coolest. I'm always glad to see all those gorgeous smiley faces smiling back at me from Instagram. xo

  3. Lovely pics. I also love your blog header with all the cute feet. Visiting from Tina Gray's linky


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