Sunday, November 11, 2012

A day to remember.

You know those days when your kids are driving you mental and you question your parenting techniques and abilities and although you know there is an end to the tunnel but you have no idea where it is or if you'll ever find it?
Then some days they do something that makes you do the ugly cry and your heart bursts with pride, and you know your doing something right and all the hard work and consistent effort to teach them to be good humans has done something good.

This week Jack and I have been talking about remembrance day and what it means and why the poppy is the symbol. After seeing the ladies of the RSL outside the supermarket he brought me change from his money box and asked me to buy him his very own poppy badge.
Anzac day and remembrance day were always a big deal when I was a kid, having a Grandad that was the president of the RSL probably had something to do with it, I'm so glad I can pass that on to my babies.

Jack asked me to take his photo, but not before I brushed his hair.
You have to look respectable. His words not mine.
Heart. Melt.


  1. Oh bless! What a lovely boy you have there Kate. xo

    1. He sure is, well when he's not being a grubby 7 year old : )

  2. Check out the hair. Almost time for a another shave, ay!

    1. Don't even! We went for a cut on Monday he requested the Justin Beiber look. I don't know if I'm ready for all that!

  3. I'm so proud of him too. Heart melt indeed. xo


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