Sunday, October 28, 2012

My week on Instagram

My week according to Instagram.

I've been ignoring my online world this week and hanging out with my mother in law and spending some 'screen free' time with my hubby so I took all of six photos. We spent last Sunday at the beach with our little nippers. William is standing up more and more and destroying everything he can reach which is pretty funny to watch, the big boys are not so impressed with him. My yummy sweet chilli salmon salad, and the boys pizza. I've stacked on so much weight while I've been feeding so I'm trying to change my eating habits. How cute are my new glasses for my increasingly blindness? I now have glasses and prescription sunglasses so I can see while I'm driving. The boys had lazy dinner last week so to make me feel better about it, I made their dinner into an animal. As you do.

Playing along with Tina


  1. Ah, the beach. I lurve the beach!

  2. Another beach lover here :) Thanks for linking up x

  3. Not sure how 4 veg and fish fingers is lazy! Go you I say. And that salad looks yummy

  4. Oh I love screen-free time too, just the kid and me :P Looks like a great beach!

  5. I'm another beach lover! I wish my mum made me faces with vegies and fish fingers when I was little. Might have to do it for myself :)


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