Thursday, November 8, 2012

My crazy busy life

 I got an email the other day asking if I was OK and if there was something going on and is that why I'm not blogging as much anymore. I didn't think anyone would think there was anything wrong so to put her mind at ease and anyone else who thinks I may not be coping with four I know I keep saying I'm busy and it sounds like a cop out but I really am just busy. 

I try to blog more and some weeks I do better than others but really it's not high enough on my priority list most of the time. After a full day I just want to pass out, actually some days by 1pm I want to pass out.
Our normal week looks like this:
Monday: School drop off, then Charlies swimming lesson, home for showers and whatever housework needs to be done before school pick up, homework, baths, dinner, more homework, bedtime.
Tuesday: School drop off, Charlie goes to daycare so it's just me and Will so while he sleeps I get the floors mopped, clean the bathrooms you know all those joyful things. Then I try to hang out with him as much as possible before we pick everyone up and start all over again with the feeding, cleaning routine.
Wednesday: School drop off, playdates/library/park trip. Housework, school pick up, homework, baths etc etc etc.
Thursday: School drop off, Charlie has Kindergym then home for quick lunch before naps while I cook dinner, school pick up, finish all the homework before it has to be handed in then at 5pm the big boys have swimming lessons, home for a late dinner and bed.
Friday: School drop off, Groceries/housework/library. No homework but we usually have a friend over or we go to a friends.
Saturday: Pool/beach/park. Try to have a quietish day.
Sunday: Nippers at 9am which means the big boys have a blast and I wear a cranky tired baby while keeping an eye on Charlie taking over the beach and everyone's toys. Home at lunch time, showers, naps, school baking/dinner. Washing.

Throw in a few mumma playdates and lunches and that's just about us. I don't know about you but I'm exhausted reading that. Michael is working 8 days out of 10 so most of the time it's up to me and with my koala baby I treasure nap times to get stuff done!
So thank you for your kind thoughts and lovely email I really am a-ok just really actually busy!


  1. No wonder you are exhausted! Your family sounds so busy and happy :)

    1. I now right? I'm going to have to start outsourcing I think : )

  2. Now there are 2 options open to you at this point
    a) give up the housework
    b) meth amphetamines

    1. I quite like both options. although Meth is pretty nasty, maybe such some speed? That'd keep me going for a while right?


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