Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Waiting Game

This is where we went yesterday.
 A 1.5km round trip to a beautiful (very cold) waterfall. 
We thought maybe that would scare this baby out of me. A big walk and being an hour or so from the hospital that's when it would happen if I was in a bad midday movie. No such luck in the real world, but we did have a really nice time, today my swollen feet are testimony to that. 

I thought my feet were going to snap off after I put them in the water, Michael took the boys in, they didn't last very long. I could hear Charlie from up here telling Daddy 'COLD!' 

After we got them dressed we head off to another pretty spot to show Nanny. Mister Cute sitting still for one second, while we got lunch ready.

Nanny, she's nothing if not sun smart. 

If you think after a huge walk and lunch you could lay on the grass peacefully you were dreaming Dad. If your on the ground your fair game. 

I'd love to have their energy. 

I love this picture of Nanny and Jack, he is Nanny's boy. through and through. 

Tomorrow were off to show Nan the hospital for my last appointment with my midwife. I'm getting bored of the waiting game! 


  1. What a gorgeous waterfall. I hope bub comes soon, the waiting is my least favourite thing when pregnant

  2. I'm betting on the 7th January xxx

  3. Great photos! Hopefully the long walk has delayed effects, and things happen for you in the next few days!

  4. Come on baby, come out and see the waterfall for yourself x

  5. These are so sweet. I love the one of the boys and their Dad and the boys and Nanny. OMG. So sweet.

    Come on bubba, Suger wants to start the new design. :P


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