Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm still here!!


So life has been a little busier than I was expecting with a hungry newborn and three other kids to look after. So unfortunatly my blog was completly ignored for the whole month of January basically. It was a very busy month so I won't try to chuck it all into one blog post, but it started off with the birth of our beautiful little William, my birthday, and then my two big boys going off to school. That's a lot in one month!
So here are a few pictures for now, I will be back tomorrow (hopefully!) with William's birth story. 

William Robert 2 days old. 11lbs 10ozs. I think half his weight was in those cheeks. 

Charlie pretty happy with his new brother. 

My beautiful James. He demands cuddles with William several times a day.

For a kid who didn't want to have another brother he is pretty impressed with William. 

I know he will hate me for posting this on the internet when he's older, but how freaking funny is that face! 

Sleeping like a baby. Literally. 


  1. Just beautiful! I had been waiting to hear news of the arrival!

    Looking forward to reading about William's Birth

  2. Your boys, all of the, are perfection!


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