Friday, January 27, 2012

Two weeks later his birth announcement!

The morning of his birthday all ready to go to the hospital. 

None of my boys have ever wanted to come early, or on time. 
They have all been late bloomers and have needed some help getting their little bums moving. I really wanted to experience a natural labour no oxytocin drip, no being strapped to the bed, but I wasn't holding out much hope it would happen. So having my induction date set was a little disappointing but not a huge shock. 
The day came, we got ready, kissed the boys, I had a little cry I knew that would be the last time I'd see them before I bombarded them with yet another brother, then we headed off to the hospital at 7am with a maccas iced coffee, we were ready for action. 
After a quick listen to his heart beat and a check over I got a dose of  prostaglandin gel, we were told to walk the corridors to get things moving and come back at 2pm to see how things were going. Well that's not what I was expecting to hear. I felt like it was a huge waste of time. At 2pm I was getting pretty painful contractions but they weren't regular and my midwife told me all they were going to do was give me another shot of gel and check me out again at 9pm, and probably leave me over night and break my waters the next day. I was not a happy camper at this point. If you've never had gel on your cervix it feels like awful period pain. Not a fun way to spend an entire day. 
Michael and I headed back to my room to wait it out, we decided Michael may as well go home and bath the kids and help mum with dinner and come back afterwards.
I was getting lots of really painful contractions that were lasting for around 10 seconds but they were really irregular so I just waited it out. at 5pm my dinner turned up (gotta love hospitals!) I tried to sit up and eat but I was in way to much pain. I headed back to the labour ward to see what could be done, we decided a hot bath would be a good, and it really was. Around this time the midwives changed shifts and my new midwife came in to check on me, after we'd had a chat and she watched me have a few contractions she asked if I'd like the gas, oh hell yes! 

A few contractions later she suggested we call Michael and get him back to the hospital, we do live a good half an hours drive away so I said sure thing. Then time seemed to stand still. 
I got sick of the hot water and the hard bath so we moved to the bed, my contractions were getting pretty full on and I was glad to have the gas to keep my mind on something else.
A quick internal between contractions and I was 7cms, so much for come back at 9pm! 

I had my eyes squeezed shut and my toes curled over when Michael turned up and held my hand, It felt like hours since we'd called him when in actual fact it had only been 40 minutes.

It was 6.55pm when Michael got there and the next half an hour was pretty hectic. A few more contractions and I knew what was coming, I told my midwife the next contraction I was going to push. She was all alone with a student doctor, this is when they started running around making sure they had everything ready to go. Next contraction Williams head was out along with his arm, two more pushes and the rest of him was out and he was on my chest. I had never been so relieved in my whole life. I remember thinking that is the last time I will ever experience childbirth and thank goodness! 

William Robert was born born at 7.21pm, 55.5cms long, weighing a whopping 11lbs 10ozs. 

William and I a few minutes old.


  1. Ouch! reading that just brought it all flooding back Kate! ;D LOL I love this part: "I remember thinking that is the last time I will ever experience childbirth and thank goodness!" hahaha, sounds exactly like me while having Dylan!! Welcome 'little' William x

  2. You look bloody brilliant for giving birth a few minutes ago!! Congratulations. :-D

  3. Congratulations!! What a beautiful little boy.
    I had 2 8lber's and a 9lber.
    1lb's must have been a shock!! I had 2 tiny babies as well so i was always proud that my other 3 were nice and healthy.
    Now I am feeling clucky:(
    Goodluck with your gorgeous arrival xxx

  4. Love it! So glad the gel worked for you and that it all went so smoothly x

  5. Beautiful baby with a beautiful name. You did a great job :) Welcome to the world little William!

  6. You're one cool customer my friend. Much love to you and the fam. xoxo

  7. you're both so beautiful x


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