Friday, November 19, 2010

Were back!!

Well after the best holiday we have ever had were home.
How yucky is it to get back to reality after two weeks of bliss.
Today Michael is back to work, Jack is back to school, and I am back to being a housewife. How very boring.
Michael and I had some big conversations while we were away about doing something really drastic and moving across the country and starting fresh closer to family and friends that we dearly miss. I almost had Michael convinced until we had to get on a bus at 5.45pm in the middle of Sydney on a Thursday afternoon. It was just a bit to crazy for him. I'm still working on him.

So I should be washing up and unpacking and sorting out the house but my computer was calling me and after two weeks I guess I can be on holidays for one more day : ) Just a few photos I'll be back tomorrow with more and a few stories from our awesome holiday!

I love this photo of James. He is inside one of the sculptures by the sea at Tamarama.

My three Giraffes at Taronga Zoo.

My two big boys on the ferry on the way to Darling Harbour.

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