Friday, November 5, 2010

Sleep is for the weak!

This week my baby has been so out of sorts. He was in such a good routine forever so this week has been rough on everyone.
By Wednesday I was feeding him lunch at 10.30am so he could eat before he fell asleep. Obviously I was still not quick enough. I handed him his bottle like I do everyday but instead of him walking off to his bed he layed on the floor drank some and passed out. This was before 11am, he usually doesn't go to bed til 12.30 so this completely threw me. Poor kid.

I did put him to bed but first just a couple of photos.

Thursday. Passed out on Dad's lap. Poor Dad couldn't move his leg.

You know my kids are sick when they sleep with this blanket. My mum made this blanket for me when I was little and for some reason I always pull it out when my boys don't feel well.
Poor Chalie bear. Thankfully today he seems better. Just before we go away for two weeks and completly ruin his sleeps! Oh well!

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