Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fourteen in Fourteen

I love a good list. A list of exciting things to do? Even better.
I've been planning this list since New Years Eve that counts right, even though it's February? That's what I thought.

1. Read more. Not just how to DIY things on pinterest but actual books, I have a list of autobiographies I really want to read.
2. Spend at least part of my quiet Mondays doing something for me. Happy mum equals happy household.
3.Attempt to get on top of the disorganised clutter we call our house. Why did our children inherit my hoarding gene?!
4. Get some nice family photos, wall appropriate.
5. Accept I can't do everything for everyone myself and if possible outsource.
6. Turn off the TV and play more music more often. Our house is so much nicer without the TV on.
7. Try out some new recipes and don't get disheartened when the kids wont eat it.
8. Watch the godfather trilogy in one weekend.
9. Fork out the money for a babysitter and go out with my hubby. Dinner, a movie, possibly a music show (Bliss n Eso in April baby!)
10.Pack up the camper and go away, try not to stress the grubbiness of camping and live a little.
11. Learn to make pastry.
12. Cross things off my pinterest boards as done/attempted/eaten.
13. Plan a family holiday.
14. Sleep. I know it sounds ridiculous but when everyone is in bed of a night I find things to do, movies to watch, washing to fold and before I know it, it's 11.30 and I'm still pottering around the house and cursing myself the next day.

Any new years eve resolutions or lists? Have you stuck to them now it's February?

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  1. I'm cooking more this year too in an attempt to not eat as much last minute pizza delivery. I also plan to do more things because I enjoy them this year, read the magazines I have from last year's subscriptions and get my pool installed. Then it's on to Vegas in 2015 baby! You coming?

  2. One so far, gey Quinn into kindy, that was s big goal of mine.
    I want to eat better, my diet is appalling, trying to think before i just put it in my mouth.
    And finally my ultimate gosl is to figure out what the hell i'm going to do with my time, what is the nxt chapter in my working life!!!


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