Saturday, October 6, 2012

And just like that...

..the holidays are over. These holidays have been the best we've had. We didn't even get to the 'I'm bored' stage. Amazing.We've been so busy, it's been great. Next week I'm sending the big boys to school and Charlie to daycare then I'm putting my feet up!

This is how we spent the last day of the holidays. A quick picnic in the park with Michael while he was on his lunch break. The kids and I haven't really seen him much these holidays. When he's not away at work he's working his second job. So yesterday we packed up some food and picked up Dad from work headed to the park. 

Can't be a picnic without camembert and boiled eggs right? 

William had his first taste of egg and was quite happy with it. Even if he did spread it everywhere. 

I may have made a camembert sandwich. As you do. 

It was so nice for the kids to get to see where Daddy goes to work and spend a bit of time together in the middle of the day. I can't say I minded it to much either. Next week I'm keeping him home for a few days.  


  1. Naaaaaw, park picnic's are THE BEST. And I am WELL acquainted with the Camembert sandwich thank you muchly. :D

    1. It was so good were doing it again this weekend ; )


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