Sunday, December 9, 2012

My week according to Instagram

So according to Instagram, food and the weather were important. Typical for this time of year for me really.
My baby got super big and figured out how to use a proper cup and since then is all over it.
My hubby shaved his face clean for the second time in our entire relationship. he looks so weird to me but everyone keeps telling him how good he looks.
James found my animal bag and ran around the house with it on his face singing like a muppet. Hilarious.
Charlie became a vallet shark and parked as many cars on his garage as he could. He's going to do big things that boy.
Friday the boys and I wore our red for Daniel, what an emotional day, I was in front of the TV weeping along with a lot of the country.
Finally I won the trolley lotto and snagged the double toddler trolley. Winning right there even if my kids were both sad/crying/throwing tantrums.

Playing along with Tina. You should to, it's fun.


  1. Looks like a great week was had.
    Depending one where your shopping Double Toddler trolleys are hard to come by. well done :)

  2. My husband has only ever shaved once in our 10 year relationship! He looked 10 years younger! Great pics and hooray for snagging that double trolley!

  3. Certainly seemed like a great week you had!


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