Monday, February 13, 2012

WARNING: Gratuitous Butt Shot!

Now that you've scrolled down to see the above mentioned butt shot I'll start. Its ok I probably would have done it as well. 
For the last three days I've been trying to write a post about being to busy to post. Ironic yes?
I give up, instead here is our weekend.

Saturday our local Porters had there grand opening which included a jumping castle and Handy Manny included. Darren Lockyer was there signing his hand off and a lovely lady was painting faces, or legs as it turned out.

We came home looking like this. Jack always aiming to please his Dad,was not only dressed like a Roosters fanatic but got his leg painted just like Dads. 

Daddy and Jack~Matching. 

James who will never be a kiss arse wanted to be a vampire so he could suck Jack's blood.  Love how his brain works.

Saturday night we had a 'special dinner' 3 courses of it in fact. Jack and I have been watching My Kitchen Rules and he wanted to make us a dinner with full table decorations so I let him go for it. I'm not sure if a pink table cloth really goes with santa napkins but he was happy.

Someone is getting sick and was in such a bad mood all weekend. Talk about mummies boy.

Sunday we went to a sports sign on/info day where the boys got to meet Shane Webcke. It was our weekend for footy really.

Now the boys just have to decide what they are going to choose out of the 50+ sports that were there. My rule is no more than 2 after school activities at this age, I chose swimming lessons so they can chose the other thing, as long as it isn't motorcycles I'll be ok. I think.

Zonked out on the way home. This is what happens by 11am when you get up at 5am.

This is what happens by 11am when your woken up at 5am. 

James lunch request. No idea where he saw this idea but it was easy to make and pretty cute.

Not toilet training but refuses to keep a nappy on. We must be headed in the right direction right?

We finished off Sunday afternoon with a home made bike ramp and my children giving me more grey hairs by riding fast at bits of wood resting on bricks. Talk about heart in your throat!

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