Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another Birthday!

My second babe is officially seven. Doesn't he rock a Charlie Chaplin mo' quite well?

We had his birthday party a few weeks after his birthday which meant he got two cakes and two lots of presents.Yep he has the birthday thing figured out!

I don't see James being a crowd follower. He has his own crazy ideas and no matter what you say or do he doesn't shy away from what he wants or believes in, I love that about this kid. The thing on the top of his list was a body pillow and he wanted a chocolate mint themed party. He's a one of a kind our James and I hope he never loses that.

So happy with his  body pillow. 

His chocolate mint cake for his birthday. Brownies, ice cream and whipped cream. 

For his party on Sunday it was raining, this poor kid has had one sunny birthday party his whole life. The joys of having your birthday during the wet season!

His party was pretty low key, cake, a lolly buffet and a few friends all inside. The lady who runs the lolly buffet company suggested the moustaches and I instantly saw cute photo opportunity, pity the rain kept us inside and by the time I remembered to take the photo the kids were done with partying, Jack is missing because he was busy having a tantrum in his room after losing a game of musical chairs, yep it was one of those days. 

A spot of musical statues, pass the parcel and musical chairs, there's only so much you can do inside.  

See those big jars? They are full of green frogs. Green frogs!I think I'm quite  in love with the lolly buffet idea. Don't be surprised to see more of these in our future! 

My gorgeous boy, let's hope seven is good to you, love you to the moon and back again.


  1. Naaaaaaw. Lolly buffet for the win! And the bit about the musical chairs tanty. I hear you. I was THAT kid. Losing sucks. Haha. Big love to birthday boy and his body pillow. That's the best. Legend.

    1. It's the eldest child thing isn't it?! Must win at all costs! Ha!


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