Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our house in the...

middle of our street. Well right at the end of our street but you get what I mean!

We have officially moved in, no more stuff at the old house, just the horrid cleaning to finish off, we thought we had more time to be out of the house, luckily Michael rang the real estate yesterday to find out exactly when we needed to be out, 5pm today she said, this was at 4pm mind you! So we have the house for the weekend(which is going to cost almost $300, ridiculous as no one is moving in! Grr!) so we can clean and do the lawn, of course Michael is working this weekend so I am cleaning after the kids are in bed (no way I'm taking 3 kids to a empty house for hours and hours a day, boring for them and tiresome for me!) and Michae is going to bunk off early from work to do the lawns, tomorrow night he's going to clean the carpets, not exactly the way we wanted to do it, but at least it will be done.

So the exciting part is now were in the new house with its plain white walls I mentioned to Michael I wanted to redecorate, well as much as you can when your renting, and he said the house is mine, the yard is his, so I'm going with a chocolate brown and baby pink theme for the lounge room and kitchen and a baby blue and chocolate brown theme for the bathroom, I'm so excited!
We already have the chocolate brown lounges so I'm going to give them a good spruce with some soft textured pillows and a couple of nice throw blankets in pink obviously, a floor rug and I'm planning some pink and brown teatowels and pink kitchen utensils/appliances maybe some brown and pink vases scattered around oh and a wodden lamp with you guessed it a pink shade!! I cant wait to start shopping! As for the bathroom we desperatly need new towels and bath mats so its probably good timing, I'm sure I can mix it up with bath mats and towels.

I saw these here and I definatly think I might need to buy both of them you never know when you might need a tool caddy in your kitchen and bathroom!
I will have to do some before and after pics, I'm so excited!

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  1. How fun! A new house to spruce up. I'm about to redecorate our loungeroom too.


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